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Can you bring the vehicle directly to me?
Yes! To your home or office, whichever is most convenient for you. We can also meet you at neutral location of your choice or even come visit us at our location!

How far does Tonkin2U travel to deliver vehicles?
We generally service the surrounding Portland/Vancouver area, but give us a call! Sometimes we can meet you halfway if the distance is too great.

How many cars will you bring to my house?
Any number within reason. We don’t have a defined set limit because we encourage our client specialists to think outside the box. By not having a defined set of rules, we can create a better overall experience for each unique client. We are, however, sometimes limited by logistics, and may only be able to bring 1 vehicle at a time depending on the situation.

Is it true that I never have to visit the dealership?
Correct! We can bring the vehicle to you for test drives and return to deliver with paperwork once you’re ready to make a purchase. Signing takes about 10 minutes.

Do you offer financing?
Yes! We are a full service dealer, which means we can facilitate and complete financing for you.

What if I have my own credit union/bank that I want to have my loan through?
Not a problem! We work with nearly every bank and credit union out there!

How much does your service cost?
Nothing! We don’t charge a broker fee since we are not a broker. By working directly with our in house stores and manufacturers, we can offer nearly every brand New and Pre-Owned, without charging extra. Our goal is to change the way you buy a car, for the better!

Do you offer Extended Warranties?
Absolutely! We offer coverages for New, Certified, and even Pre-Owned vehicles! And they can be tailored to fit your driving style.

Do you take trade in’s?
Yes! Even if you decide not to purchase a car, we’ll still buy your vehicle!

How do you determine pricing?
New cars follow a Fair Market wholesale pricing model, aligned closely to Costco™ and TrueCar™ new car pricing. With Pre-Owned, every vehicle is unique, but we pride ourselves on our excellent selection, quality, and market competitive pricing! You won’t be disappointed.

Can I negotiate the price?
No, but that’s because we offer our best price up front! A good, fair price. We feel that even the best experiences can be tainted by the long, painful grind of a negotiation. By being completely transparent in all facets of the transaction, we can create a better overall experience for you.

Sounds too good to be true….what’s the catch?
There isn’t one. We’re revolutionizing the way you buy a car much like Amazon has changed how you purchase online. Why make it more difficult than it needs to be? Check out our reviews online and see for yourself!!!

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